We are motivated to create a safe workplace! Are you?

Each year, the Swedish insurance companies pays about 5 billion Skr for damages caused of fires, which is half of all compensation paid.

A fire incidents in production or in a computer center at a firm can stop both the production and delivery over time. There is also a big risk that you lose customers to other operators on the market.

Bringing back old customers or obtain new ones after that fire damage is remedied can be difficult and cost a lot of time, effort and money. The probability that the company survives is proportional to how fast you can do this. Are you willing to take that risk because of a neglected fire protection work?

The most scary is nonetheless that someone would get hurt. As a CEO you are always responsible that laws and regulations are followed in the own organization and thus are also responsible for any consequences that may arise.

With these facts in the back , it is not difficult to realize the importance of a systematic safety in the workplace.

We are motivated! Are you?

Our customers say:
"How could we before manage without Zamba? "
Security Manager at Kinnevik Company
"We also had an inspection, where we got praise because we are handling the fire issues so well. "
Head of department on major construction business
"Without Zamba, our SBA would not be done."
Priest in the Swedish Church
"You're an angel, thank you for the support!"
Hotel and restaurant owner
"I always call you first, you are the experts"
Quality manager at major car dealerships / workshop
"Thanks for a perfect system"
Firefighting officer
"Can you really understand how good this is!"
Lyric Fire Protection Officer in Government Organization
"Thank you for your incredible dedication"
Construction Manager / Control Manager