The problem

Our experience shows that too many companies do not operate a fire safety work that conforms to the laws and regulations that apply.

The work is perceived as both difficult and time-consuming while being diffused aware that it should be done.

This is a troubling situation that creates both frustration and stress but most serious is nevertheless that the safety of staff and visitors will be flawed.

Even if you already have an established fire protection work, we can probably contribute to a development based on your current situation and your specific needs.

If you have not, it is high time to address these issues. We can help you get started and follow your work as long as the need exists and you want us to.

The solution

We can provide both the structure, content and tools for your fire protection work.

SBA is a structured way of conducting fire safety activities in order to prevent or limit fire and minimize the consequences of a possible fire incident.

We want to offer businesses and organizations that particular skill or effort that is missing, thereby creating the opportunity for the customer to focus on their core business.

It tends to be the safest and most economical solution.